Africa 3.0 - Using Tech to Seal the Insurance Gap

What is Africa 3.0?

Africa 3.0 is a two day event which will provide the first platform for tech startups specifically in health, agriculture and frontier InsurTech to collaborate with incumbents on the subject of problems facing the insurance sector. Closing the insurance gap will require creating new markets and products to serve it, this will result in new partnerships being forged between the tech sector, insurance and broader financial services. The resulting enormous growth opportunities have and will continue to engage tech entrepreneurs, incumbents and investors alike. 

Those who are a part of this ecosystem will have an opportunity to understand fully the opportunity, meeting with the most exciting and impressive tech propositions in the market & building the partnerships of the future. This conference will provide the initial opportunities to create these new partnerships.

We are using tech to close the insurance gap.


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Monday, 15. July 2019 - 9:00 to Tuesday, 16. July 2019 - 17:00
2 days
Nairobi, Kenya
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