Past Events

  • 26.11.2015
    Worldwide | Consultation Calls, Digital Technology, Consumer Protection

    Mobile insurance has a huge potential in advancing inclusive insurance markets and has experienced rapid growth in recent years. However, it also brings with it new risks and challenges for insurance supervisors seeking to ensure policyholders are protected from abuse and fraud. Participants on the call will learn more about these risks and discuss potential supervisory responses.  Additionally, different country examples will be shared with participants on the call.

  • 03.11.2015
    1 day
    Casablanca, Morocco | Workshops and Seminars, Event Reports, Consumer Protection

    This forum brought together some 60 high-ranking representatives from insurance supervisory authorities and the industry, with the objective to foster knowledge and understanding in the field of inclusive insurance markets.

  • 24.09.2015
    Worldwide | Consultation Calls, Financial Literacy

    Participants on the call will discuss the role of insurance supervisory authorities in developing and implementing effective national financial literacy and consumer education strategies. The roles between relevant stakeholders in this process (supervisory authorities, policy-makers and market players) will also be discussed and different examples shared with the participants.

  • 23.07.2015
    Worldwide | Consultation Calls

    Prudential supervision should be both risk-based and proportionate. These criteria are equally relevant when supervising insurers operating in the conventional insurance market and those providing insurance to the underserved. However, differences in the nature, size, and risk profiles of the insurers involved might mean that traditional prudential supervisory approaches would be inappropriate.

  • 27.05.2015 to 28.05.2015
    2 days
    Tunis, Tunisia | Consultative Forum, Workshops and Seminars, Event Reports, Inclusive Insurance Regulation

    The 4th Consultative Forum brought together 60 participants, representing regulatory authorities and insurance industry participants from 24 countries from the Sub-Sahara Africa and Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regions.

  • 21.05.2015
    Worldwide | Consultation Calls, Inclusive Insurance Regulation

    Actuarial capacity is a challenge in most inclusive insurance markets. It is for this reason that the IAIS in close collaboration with the International Actuarial Association (IAA) will be developing a paper on "approaches to actuarial services in inclusive insurance markets". The paper will aim at providing general guidance on requirements and specific approaches for proportionate actuarial services in inclusive insurance markets that is applicable across jurisdictions.

  • 26.03.2015
    Worldwide | Consultation Calls, MCCOs

    At the request of the IAIS the 9th Consultation Call focused on "Mutuals, Cooperatives and Community Based Organisations (MCCOs) ". The IAIS is currently working on the development of an Application paper which will provide supervisory guidance regarding adherence to and implementation of the relevant Insurance Core Principles (ICPs) with respect to MCCOs in inclusive insurance markets.

  • 22.01.2015
    Worldwide | Consultation Calls, Inclusive Insurance Regulation

    Some countries had, or still have a significant magnitude of informal insurance activity, in particular in areas such as funeral and health insurance, or credit life insurance provided by mutuals or microfinance organisations. Government schemes and pilot programs are also often outside of the purview of supervisors.
    Formalisation has been recognised as a considerable challenge by many insurance supervisors.