Past Events

  • 19.07.2018
    1 day
    Worldwide | Consultation Calls, Market Development

    Following this call, the A2ii will produce a report on the subject. This report, and the presentations, can be found on this page.

  • 20.06.2018 to 22.06.2018
    3 days
    St. Kitts and Nevis | Partner Events

    The topic of the conference, which brought together 56 supervisors from 17 Caribbean countries, was “Enhancing domestic and cross-border supervision and stress testing in the insurance sector”.

  • 19.06.2018 to 22.06.2018
    4 days
    Albania | Workshops and Seminars, Regional, CEE & Central Asia, Global

    For more information about the Lab visit the project page.

  • 18.06.2018 to 22.06.2018
    4 days
    Rabat, Morocco | Inclusive Insurance Training, Africa

    From 18-22th of June, supervisors from French-speaking Africa came together in Rabat, Morocco for a training programme that went over the fundamentals of supervising inclusive insurance markets. The training was jointly organised by the A2ii, the Toronto Centre, the International Association of Insurance Supervisors, and the Moroccan supervisory authority (ACAPS).

  • 07.06.2018 to 08.06.2018
    2 days
    Hong Kong | Partner Events

    The event was attended by about 50 delagates from insurance regulators in 15 jurisdictions of the Asia-Pacific region. On behalf of the A2ii, Janina Voss presented on inclusive insurance and introduced the work of the initiative.

    At the meeting, AFIR members elected Mr John Leung, Chief Executive Officer of the Insurance Authority (IA), as the new Chairman, replacing Mr Chen Wenhui, for a term of two years to 2020.

  • 24.05.2018
    1 day
    Worldwide | Consultation Calls, Inclusive Insurance Regulation, Consumer Protection

    Following this call, the A2ii produced a report on the subject. This report, and the presentations, can be found on this page.

  • 17.05.2018
    1 day
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Workshops and Seminars, Consumer Protection, Market Development

    The objective of this Supervisory Dialogue is to provide a platform for information sharing on the topic. An overview of how informality may affect insurance markets will be provided with an examination of the risks for consumers as well as considerations on how informality may impact the structure and functioning of the sector.  The event will also stimulate debate by bringing to light the challenges faced by supervisors and exploring approaches adopted by jurisdictions in different regions.

    The dialogue will be restricted to supervisors and is expected to bring together high-ranking representatives from across the region and beyond. 

    Download the Agenda for the event.

  • 16.05.2018
    1 day
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Partner Events

    The A2ii participated in this fourth meeting of the Sustainable Insurance Forum (SIF) that included supervisors from 15 different jurisdictions. The SIF launched in December 2016 with the aim to bring together insurance supervisors to tackle issues of common concern with respect to sustainable development. Since its inception, its main focus has been on climate change issues and in this regard, it has developed a joint IAIS-SIF Issues Paper on Climate Change Risks to the Insurance Sector.

  • 14.05.2018 to 15.05.2018
    2 days
    Washington, DC, USA | Partner Events

    As the Chair of A2ii’s Governing Council, Peter Braumüller represented the A2ii at the 2018 NAIC International Insurance Forum. The Forum was attended by more than 340 participants, many of them supervisors and industry representatives from the US. On a panel session dealing with the role of insurance in emerging markets, Peter Braumüller emphasized the role of regulation and supervision for improving access to insurance by the so far underserved.

  • 09.05.2018 to 10.05.2018
    2 days
    Ghana | Consultative Forum, Workshops and Seminars, Africa, Ghana, Inclusive Insurance Regulation, Digital Technology

    Scroll down to download the presentations from the event.

    View the summary article of the event InsurTech promise for microinsurance  - rising to the regulatory challenge

    Download the Agenda.