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Consultation Call Reports, Inclusive Insurance Regulation | 2018
Consultation Calls, Consultation Call Reports | 2018

A2ii-IAIS Consultation Call on Innovation Hubs and Accelerators, 22 March 2018

When stimulating innovation, there are limits to what a supervisory authority can achieve alone. Inter-institutional cooperation is a powerful tool for responding to new market trends and for creating a safe space for the launch of new initiatives. This call took a closer look at what those cooperation platforms look like. Case studies were used to explore what the role of the insurance supervisor looks like within them, and pulled together a number of aspects that supervisors might need to consider when pioneering such an approach.

Consultation Calls, Consultation Call Reports | 2018
Consultation Calls, Consultation Call Reports | 2017

25th A2ii-IAIS Consultation Call on "Supporting responsible MSME Insurance", 16 November 2017

On this call, we explored what MSMEs are and why they are important. We talked about the risks that MSMEs generally face, how they manage them, and their insurance needs. The resulting report attempts to establish some characteristics that an effective MSME insurance product should have, and presents findings for supervisors on their role in supporting and overseeing the MSME insurance market.

Consultation Calls, Consultation Call Reports, Digital Technology | 2017
Consultation Calls, Consultation Call Reports, Consumer Protection | 2017
Consultation Calls, Consultation Call Reports, Agricultural and Disaster Risk Insurance | 2017

22nd A2ii-IAIS Consultation Call on "The Importance of Insurance Regulation in Disaster Resilience", 18 May 2017

There is growing awareness of the exposure of countries, private and public sector entities and individuals to potentially crushing economic loss as the result of natural disasters. There is also a recognition that the insurance sector has an important role to play in helping to assess risk, promoting loss prevention and mitigation and in risk financing for sovereigns, sub-sovereigns and others. This call explored the important role that insurance regulation plays in facilitating the deployment of insurance sector resources at the macro,  meso  and micro level in a

Consultation Calls, Consultation Call Reports, Market Development | 2017

21st A2ii-IAIS Consultation Call on "Measuring insurance development: beyond the insurance penetration rate", 23 March 2017

The insurance penetration rate is traditionally calculated based on total premiums as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This has served as a useful high-level measure of insurance development, while providing a good basis for international comparison. However, supervisors pursuing more specific policy goals, such as financial inclusion or client value, may find that this measure on its own does not provide enough meaningful information to guide policy strategies.  

Consultation Calls, Consultation Call Reports, Inclusive Insurance Regulation, Market Development | 2017

20th A2ii-IAIS Consultation Call on "Reinsurance", 26 January 2017

In response to requests from the IAIS Executive Committee as well as Latin American supervisors the next A2ii-IAIS Consultation Call will be on the topic of reinsurance. The call focused on reinsurance from a host jurisdictions perspective and will examine questions around enforcement of contracts, direct and indirect supervision of reinsurers and contract oversight among other issues.

Consultation Calls, Consultation Call Reports, Digital Technology, Consumer Protection | 2016

19th A2ii-IAIS Consultation Call on "data protection challenges in mobile insurance", 24 November 2016

On the topic: There has been a rapid growth in mobile insurance, especially over the past five years. Yet for a domain where so much is happening and where more players (e.g. mobile network operators, technical service providers) and regulators are getting involved, there is still little information about the potential risks and corresponding solutions. In particular, the topic of data protection – the regulatory measures taken to protect personal data – has not received much attention.