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Consultation Calls, Consultation Call Reports, Inclusive Insurance Regulation, Digital Technology | 2014
Consultation Calls, Consultation Call Reports, Inclusive Insurance Regulation | 2014

1st Consultation Call on "Definition of Microinsurance in Regulation", 27 March 2014

"Setting guidelines does not mean anything without implementation." These were the opening remarks of IAIS Secretary General Yoshihiro Kawai in the A2ii’s first Consultation Hour call on 27 March. The first call focused on the definition of microinsurance. It was attended by 35 participants from across Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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IAIS/A2ii Consultation Calls - Discussing key topics on supporting inclusive insurance markets for supervisory authorities

Since March 2014 the A2ii hosts bi-monthly consultation calls for supervisory and regulatory authorities. The calls offer an exchange platform to discuss current regulatory and supervisory topics and trends around access to insurance. They are opened with an input presentation introducing the key topic of the month and followed by three question and answer rounds where participants can exchange their experiences and get guidance by experts. Participation is restricted to supervisors and regulators. The calls are held in English, French and Spanish.