Country Diagnostics

Country Diagnostics, Latin America, Colombia | 2008
Country Diagnostics, Africa, South Africa | 2008
Country Diagnostics | 2018

A2ii Standard ToR for Country Diagnostics

This document describes the objectives, scope and approach to be followed undertaking an individual country diagnostic using the methodology developed by the Access to Insurance Initiative (the Initiative).  This document can be used as a basis for developing the Terms of Reference to request proposals by consultants to carry out the diagnostic.


Country Diagnostics, Africa, Zambia | 2009

Zambia Country Diagnostic: "Towards a strategy for microinsurance development in Zambia. A market and regulatory analysis"

This study forms part of a series of country studies commissioned by the ILO/UNCDF looking to support country-level microinsurance strategies and to develop cross-cutting insights on designing and implementing such strategies. It considers the scope for, opportunities and challenges to microinsurance expansion in Zambia in order to develop a comprehensive information base that provides the basis for dialogue amongst the

Country Diagnostics, Latin America, Brasil | 2010

Brazil Country Diagnostic: "Microinsurance in Brazil. Towards a strategy for market development"

This report was commissioned by Funenseg and CNSeg, the Brazilian insurance school and insurance industry association respectively, as an independent assessment of the
microinsurance market in Brazil, the drivers of its development and how this development has been shaped by regulation. It proposes a strategy for the further development of the microinsurance market, with specific focus on regulatory strategy and design.


Country Diagnostics | 2009

A2ii: Scoping Note for Country Diagnostics

This document describes the objectives, scope and approach to be followed in the individual country diagnostics to be undertaken under the auspices of the Access to Insurance Initiative (A2ii or Initiative). It also contains a typical work plan for such a country diagnostics as well as the proposed approach to resource and staffing the work.

Country Diagnostics | 2009