Thematic Reports

In addition to these, the A2ii produces thematically focused Consultation Calls reports. Here you will find the reports on the topics of supervising InsurTech, proportionate approaches to disclosure of information, insurance regulation in disaster resilience, measuring insurance development, reinsurance, data protection challenges in mobile insurance and many other topics of interest.

Thematic Reports, Latin America, Brasil, Peru, Inclusive Insurance Regulation, Consumer Protection, Market Development | 2017

Proportionality in practice: Disclosure of information

The report “Proportionality in practice: Disclosure of information” draws on the experiences of Brazil, Pakistan, Peru and El Salvador and examines the practical aspects of disclosure in which supervisors adopt proportionate regulation in order to encourage the industry to offer inclusive insurance while ensuring consumer protection.


Workshops and Seminars, Thematic Reports, Event Reports, Africa, CIMA, Digital Technology | 2016
Thematic Reports, Event Reports, CIMA, South Africa, Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya, India, Philippines, Digital Technology | 2017

Regulating Mobile Insurance: Status and Regulatory Challenges

This document serves as a preliminary summary of a larger study commissioned by the Access to Insurance Initiative (A2ii) for 2017. The summary provides a review of supervisory approaches to mobile insurance (m-insurance) in various jurisdictions with the aim of providing inputs to the forthcoming IAIS1 -A2ii-CIMA2 Conference on Mobile Insurance Workshop in Douala, Cameroon from 23rd- 24th February 2017.

Thematic Reports, Event Reports, Inclusive Insurance Regulation | 2016

Proportionate Regulatory Frameworks in Inclusive Insurance: Lessons from a Decade of Microinsurance Regulation

It is slightly over a decade since the first microinsurance regulations were introduced in India in 2005. With at least 18 insurance supervisors having rolled out microinsurance regulations today, the landscape is now vastly different. In this milestone publication 'Proportionate Regulatory Frameworks in Inclusive Insurance: Lessons from a Decade of Microinsurance Regulation', we look back at what supervisory approaches have been undertaken since then and draw lessons from the past.

Thematic Reports, Topics, Gender Insurance |

The Role of Insurance Regulation in Promoting Inclusive Insurance for Women

This paper aims to inspire momentum and increase awareness among insurance supervisors of the transformative potential of gender approaches. It explains how supervisors have started to consider gender dimensions in their work, in particular by exploring differences between women and men’s access to insurance.