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Consultation Calls, Consultation Call Reports | 2017

25th A2ii-IAIS Consultation Call on "Supporting responsible MSME insurance", 16 November 2017

On the topic: On this call, we explored what MSMEs are and why they are important. We spoke about the risks that MSMEs typically face, how they manage them and what their insurance needs are. The resulting report attempts to set out some features that an effective MSME insurance product should have, and presents conclusions for supervisors on their role in supporting and supervising the MSME insurance market.  

Thematic Reports, Global, Agricultural and Disaster Risk Insurance | 2018

Index Insurance: Status and Regulatory Challenges

This paper seeks to provide a review of supervisory approaches to index insurance and to set out some of the regulatory and supervisory challenges faced by insurance supervisors. It is drawing on the results of an online survey carried out in the first half of 2017 together with telephone follow-up.

Consultative Forum, Workshops and Seminars, Briefing Notes, Event Reports, Latin America, Peru, Agricultural and Disaster Risk Insurance | 2017

11th Consultative Forum Briefing Note: Scaling up insurance as a disaster resilience strategy for smallholder farmers in Latin America

Read the Briefing Note to find out what were the key findings and lessons learned from the 11th Consultative Forum which took place in Lima, Peru on November 6, 2017.  

The underlying goal of the Forum was to foster sound policymaking for the development and scaling up of agricultural insurance in Latin America. This was the last of a three-event series organised in 2017 on the topic of agricultural insurance as a tool for disaster resilience in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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Consultative Forum, Newsflash | 2017
Newsflash, Thematic Reports, Briefing Notes, Philippines, Peru, Inclusive Insurance Regulation | 2017
Consultative Forum, Briefing Notes, Uganda, Agricultural and Disaster Risk Insurance | 2017

10th Consultative Forum Briefing Note

This Consultative Forum was the second in a three-event series organised in 2017 on the topic of agricultural insurance as a tool for disaster resilience in the three developing regions of Asia, Africa and Latin America. The first event in the series, which took place in Singapore in March 2017, covered both indemnity- and index-based agricultural insurance, whereas this event focused exclusively on index-based agricultural insurance as an innovative tool for agricultural insurance to become more affordable for smallholder farmers. 

Consultation Calls, Consultation Call Reports, Digital Technology | 2017
Newsflash | 2017

Global Agreement to Enhance Actuarial Skills

On 1 November 2017, the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS), the International Actuarial Association (IAA) and the Access to Insurance Initiative (A2ii) signed a five-year agreement at the IAIS Annual Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to enhance the actuarial skills of supervisory authorities. The key outcomes will be the development and delivery of supervisory capacity building training programs on actuarial services.