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Toolkits | 2014

IAIS - A2ii Training Module on Inclusive Insurance

A financially sound insurance sector contributes to economic growth and well-being by supporting the management of risk, allocation of resources, and mobilization of long-term savings. The Insurance Core Principles developed by the IAIS are key international standards relevant for sound financial systems. Effective implementation of the Insurance Core Principles requires skilled and knowledgeable insurance supervisors.

Toolkits | 2011

Toolkit 1: Country Diagnostic Studies: Analytical Framework and Methodology

This document outlines the analytical framework and methodology for conducting a microinsurance country diagnostic study. It is designed to assist readers who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the development of microinsurance markets, as well as researchers, consultants, insurance practitioners, policy-makers regulators and supervisors tasked with the analysis of a national insurance market with a view to developing strategies and recommendations for the growth of microinsurance.

Toolkits | 2011

Toolkit 2: Country Process Guidelines for Microinsurance Market Development

What is microinsurance? Why is it important? How do microinsurance markets typically develop? What are the benefits of a deliberate strategy or process to developmicroinsurance? What steps can be taken to develop the microinsurance market in aparticular country? What are the issues to consider in doing so and what are the possiblerisks involved?

Toolkits | 2013

Toolkit 3: Self-assessment and peer review process

The International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) and the Access to Insurance Initiative (A2ii) have launched the Self-Assessment and Peer Review (SAPR) on Regulation and Supervision supporting Inclusive Insurance Markets. This SAPR assesses the supportiveness of supervisors to the cause of enhancing inclusive insurance markets.

Toolkits | 2014
Toolkits, Policy Notes | 2007

AICA-CGAP Questions sur la réglementation et le contrôle de la micro-assurance

Ce document présente l’état actuel de la micro-assurance, développée pour la population à faible revenu sur la base des principes prudentiels de l’assurance ; l’importance de son rôle dans le développement de systèmes financiers ouverts, en particulier sur les marchés émergents ; et pourquoi elle doit être réglementée et contrôlée selon les principes de la