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Event Reports, Latin America, Inclusive Insurance Regulation | 2018

Report: Supervisory Dialogue on the impact of informality on insurance markets - what supervisors can do

This Supervisory Dialogue event provided an overview of how informality is affecting insurance markets, examined the risks and focused on the challenges faced by insurance supervisors as a result.
The event also provided a platform for peer to peer information sharing on the topic. Presentations were made of the approaches taken by supervisors in different regions to encourage formalisation and greater financial inclusion.

IAIS Materials, IAIS Standards & Guidance, Inclusive Insurance Regulation, Agricultural and Disaster Risk Insurance | 2018

Issues Paper on Index Based Insurances, particularly in Inclusive Insurance Markets

Index-based insurances is defined as insurance contracts in which a claim is defined with reference to a pre-determined index (sometimes also referred to as parametric insurance).  The paper, published on June 18th, focusses on the insurances usually directed at weather related or natural catastrophe event risks, primarily for insurance supervisors who are seeking to enhance financial inclusion in developing markets.

Thematic Reports, Africa, CISNA, Asia and Pacific, CEE & Central Asia, Latin America, Global, Inclusive Insurance Regulation, Digital Technology | 2018

Regulating Mobile Insurance - Insurance business via mobile phones: regulatory challenges and emerging approaches

Despite its significant potential, there has been little regulatory and supervisory guidance on m-insurance. The Access to Insurance Initiative (A2ii) commissioned this study in order to address the gap and contribute to the preparation of an International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) Application Paper on the Use of Digital Technology in Inclusive Insurance (forthcoming 2018).

Consultative Forum, Event Reports, Presentations, Regional, Asia and Pacific, Inclusive Insurance Regulation, Digital Technology, Consumer Protection | 2018
Newsflash, Thematic Reports, Briefing Notes, Philippines, Peru, Inclusive Insurance Regulation | 2017
IAIS Materials, IAIS Standards & Guidance, Inclusive Insurance Regulation | 2017

Implementation and Capacity Building

Implementation of the IAIS’ supervisory material and supporting capacity building efforts of insurance supervisors is key to achieving effective and globally consistent supervision of insurance. These pages contain information on the IAIS assessment programme and surveys, as well as key capacity building tools such as the Core Curriculum.  


To access the Implementation and Capacity Building please click here.

IAIS Materials, IAIS Standards & Guidance, Inclusive Insurance Regulation | 2017

Application Papers

Application Papers provide additional material related to one or more ICPs, ComFrame or G-SII policy measures, including actual examples or case studies that help practical application of supervisory material. Application Papers could be provided in circumstances where the practical application of principles and standards may vary or where their interpretation and implementation may pose challenges Application Papers can provide further advice, illustrations, recommendations or examples of good practice to supervisors on how supervisory material may be implemented.

IAIS Materials, IAIS Standards & Guidance, Inclusive Insurance Regulation | 2016

Issues Papers

Issues Papers provide background on particular topics, describe current practices, actual examples or case studies pertaining to a particular topic and/or identify related regulatory and supervisory issues and challenges. 

IAIS Materials, IAIS Standards & Guidance, Inclusive Insurance Regulation | 2017

Guidance Papers

Under its supervisory material, the IAIS publishes Guidance papers. You can access the papers here. 

IAIS Materials, IAIS Standards & Guidance, Inclusive Insurance Regulation | 2017

ICP on-line tool

The ICP on-line tool provides a convenient and flexible access to the IAIS ICP material.