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Country Diagnostics, China | 2014

China Country Diagnostic Report

This report contains the findings of a diagnostic study on the provision of microinsurance to rural workers in China. The study was commissioned by the Access to Insurance Initiative and approved by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) in 2010. The study covers the provision of personal and property (including agriculture) microinsurance to China's 674 m (2010) rural residents. 

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Consultation Calls, Consultation Call Reports, Inclusive Insurance Regulation | 2014

8th IAIS-A2ii Consultation Call on "Formalization", 22 January 2015

On the topic: Some countries had, or still have a significant magnitude of informal insurance activity, in particular in areas such as funeral and health insurance, or credit life insurance provided by mutuals or microfinance organisations. Government schemes and pilot programs are also often outside of the purview of supervisors.
Formalisation has been recognised as a considerable challenge by many insurance supervisors.

Consultation Calls, Consultation Call Reports, Miscellaneous | 2014

7th Consultation Call on "IAIS and A2ii activities: opportunity to tell us what you need!", 20 November 2014

On the topic: The development of the A2ii and IAIS activity plans on inclusive insurance is proceeding largely in parallel. Several rounds of discussion among A2ii and IAIS Committees have taken place to better align our activities to strengthen our mutual roles and responsibilities. We would like to take the opportunity to seek your input during the Consultation Call in order to facilitate a bottom up approach.

Consultation Calls, Consultation Call Reports, Inclusive Insurance Regulation, Market Development | 2014

6th IAIS-A2ii Consultation Call on "Successful Business Models in Microinsurance", 25 September 2014

On the topic: Given the typically low margins on low value policies, most successful microinsurance business models innovate distribution channels in order to minimise distribution costs and scale up the number of policies sold, either by leveraging groups or the infrastructure and reach of aggregators. These new ways to sell insurance typically result in long distribution chains involving a variety of entities and their employees, some of which may not traditionally be regulated by the insurance supervisor.

Consultation Calls, Consultation Call Reports, Inclusive Insurance Regulation | 2014

5th IAIS-A2ii Consultation Call on "Product Oversight in Inclusive Insurance", 28 August 2014

On the topic: Inclusive insurance markets require a proportionate approach to product oversight including product standards. Supervisors have different options for product oversight before and after product launch. The overall objective of such steps is to discourage products and services that may cause consumer detriment from reaching the market. Some insurance supervisors require the pre-approval of insurance products, in both life- and general lines or in one of the two. Others have opted for a file-and-use process.

Briefing Notes, Inclusive Insurance Regulation, Market Development | 2014

Regulatory approaches to inclusive insurance market development | Cross-country synthesis note 2

This paper considers the various regulatory approaches implemented by insurance regulators and supervisors globally in order to achieve the objective of inclusive insurance market development. The primary question that this paper seeks to address is: what is the optimal regulatory approach to be followed by a particular country to promote increased access to insurance in a particular product market or across multiple product markets?

Briefing Notes, Inclusive Insurance Regulation | 2014

Evolving Microinsurance Business Models and their Regulatory Implications

One of the aims of the cross-country synthesis exercise is to gain a better understanding of the dynamics, development and evolution of microinsurance markets. Identifying discrete microinsurance business models allows the roles and incentives of the players involved in the provision of microinsurance to be disaggregated so as to better understand the way that the microinsurance market evolves across countries and to gauge the risks involved.


Annual Reports | 2014

Annual Report 2013-2014

A2ii's achievements over the past year were in line with the new focus, and the 2014 work plan is designed to entrench this role by creating direct opportunities for peer learning, building capacity, and supporting the implementation of regulatory change toward inclusive insurance markets. 

Country Diagnostics, Latin America | 2014