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Toolkits | 2011

Toolkit 1: Country Diagnostic Studies: Analytical Framework and Methodology

This document outlines the analytical framework and methodology for conducting a microinsurance country diagnostic study. It is designed to assist readers who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the development of microinsurance markets, as well as researchers, consultants, insurance practitioners, policy-makers regulators and supervisors tasked with the analysis of a national insurance market with a view to developing strategies and recommendations for the growth of microinsurance.

Toolkits | 2011

Toolkit 2: Country Process Guidelines for Microinsurance Market Development

What is microinsurance? Why is it important? How do microinsurance markets typically develop? What are the benefits of a deliberate strategy or process to developmicroinsurance? What steps can be taken to develop the microinsurance market in aparticular country? What are the issues to consider in doing so and what are the possiblerisks involved?

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Atelier des régulateurs sur l’accès à l’assurance

Le 26 mai 2011, l’Initiative pour l’accès à l’assurance  et l’Organisation des assurances africaines (OAA) ont accueilli l’atelier des régulateurs dans le cadre du 38e séminaire annuel de l’OAA. Des représentants de 19 autorités africaines de contrôle de l’assurance étaient présents.

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Workshops and Seminars, Africa, Zimbabwe | 2011

Programme Regulators Workshop 2011

On May 26th, 2011, the Access to Insurance Initiative will be hosting a Regulators’ Workshop on Microinsurance in Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls.

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