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Enabling Microinsurance Conference and Round Table

International Conference "Enabling Microinsurance Markets - Overcoming the challenges for the insurance industry, regulators and supervisors" and Expert Roundtable for Insurance Supervisors on G20 Financial Inclusion Process, 03-04 May 2010 in Berlin, Germany

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Philippines |

Personal Story: How Microinsurance has helped Demetria

Mrs Demetria Aguilar died of heart attack in May 2009 at fifty-five years old.
With her husband, Mr Domingo Aguilar, they have six (6) children.
The insurance with TSPI MBA paid the balance of the loan left by Mrs Aguilar. In addition, her family received an amount to cover the expenses of her wake and burial as well as enough money to help her family earn a living.

Bolivia |

Personal Story: How Microinsurance has helped Jesusa

Sra. Jesusa Fernández lost her husband three years ago. They were dedicated to public transportation and legal sale of coca leaf as well as some other products, when her husband died after falling from the roof of his house. Jesusa took on the debt he had with the bank that had lent money to purchase a minibus for interprovincial transport. Thanks insurance, she could pay off the loan and not to lose her business or the minibus. Now Jesusa has 3 young children, and is building a house for rental in the City of El Alto in La Paz Bolivia.