Seeking peer support

Peer support needed on (1) ORSA processes and (2) costs associated with regulation and supervision of insurance intermediaries

The A2ii frequently receives requests from supervisors for peer support and we do our best to match these requests with supervisors that are able to provide support. We believe that learning from peers’ experience is one of the most effective forms of fostering knowledge building within supervisory authorities. The A2ii is therefore in the process of developing a structured approach to facilitating peer support.

In the meantime, we would like to circulate two requests for peer support that have reached us. If your authority could respond to either of the requests below, would like to share information on the topic or would require further information, please contact us at Where travel and accommodation costs are accrued by the institution providing the assistance, the A2ii can make funds available to contribute to the costs if needed.

Requests for peer support:

  1. The Financial Services Commission (FSC) Mauritius is looking for experienced regulators to support the FSC’s capacity to assess and monitor ORSA processes. Study visits to other jurisdictions, support at the FSC Mauritius from experienced authorities or other types of support are highly welcome.
  2. The Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago is looking for practical and specific guidance on estimating the cost of regulating and supervising insurance intermediaries (comprising insurance salesmen, insurance agents, insurance adjusters and insurance brokers). Guidance in the form of research, reports or surveys are appreciated and supervisors are encouraged to share their experiences and approaches in estimating the cost of supervising insurance intermediaries. The A2ii will compile and disseminate the information received.
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