Access to Insurance Initiative Newsletter 7/2017

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A2ii establishes regional hub in Latin America

On 1st July 2017, the A2ii opened a new regional office for Latin America in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The office is kindly being hosted by the Brazilian Superintendence of Private Insurance (SUSEP). This Latin American hub is another key milestone in bringing the A2iis regional implementation strategy to life, following on from the success of the A2ii’s first regional hub launched in Sub-Saharan Africa in September 2016. It also responds to requests from supervisors in the Latin American region for increased capacity building support and will enable the A2ii to better tailor the support it provides to regional needs and local market realities. In developing its work plan for the region the A2ii will be working very closely with the IAIS and the ASSAL (Asociación de Supervisores de Seguros de América Latina) thus bringing to life the MOU signed by the three organisations back in 2015.

Ms. Regina Simões, formerly SUSEP and an active member of a number of IAIS working groups, has taken up the position as A2ii regional coordinator and will be based in Rio Janeiro, Brazil.

Recent Events

AAISA/ IAIS/A2ii Meeting for Insurance Supervisors in Africa
|26-27 July 2017|

The A2ii’s Sub-Saharan African regional coordinator Janice Angove supported the General Assembly meeting of the Association of Africa Insurance Supervisors (AAISA) in Pretoria, South Africa hosted by The Financial Services Board. Representatives of the secretariat of the AAISA and twenty-three delegates from supervisors across Sub-Saharan Africa participated in this meeting.

The participants discussed the articles in the proposed constitution of the AAISA, the work plan and budget for 2017-2018. The General Assembly adopted the Constitution of the AAISA and the budget for membership fees of the association. The General Assembly also expressed appreciation to the Government of Cameroon for its support in setting up the headquarters of the AAISA in Yaoundé.

The A2ii provided supervisors with an overview of the draft regional implementation plan and in particular the results of its work to identify capacity building needs and priorities. Participants were given an opportunity to give input on the overall objectives of the regional implementation plan and priority themes and topics for capacity building activities for the A2ii in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2018.

Conor Donaldson of the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) gave an update on upcoming IAIS papers and assessment and implementation activities, including the upcoming self-assessment review on inclusive insurance. The importance of the involvement of supervisors in Sub-Saharan Africa in the activities supported by the IAIS was emphasised during the discussion as was the continued commitment of the IAIS and A2ii to support supervisors in Sub-Saharan Africa in developing capacity.

23rd A2ii-IAIS Consultation Call on "Proportionate approaches to disclosure of information”
|20 July 2017|

Fifty three supervisors from Latin America, Asia Pacific, and African countries participated in the 23rd A2ii-IAIS Consultation Call on Proportionate approaches to disclosure of information held on 20 July 2017. The call examined practical aspects of proportional disclosure regulation and how the goal of an approach which both encourages the industry to offer inclusive insurance whilst protecting the more vulnerable inclusive insurance consumer can be achieved.Furthermore, this topic leveraged the lessons learned from the recent A2ii study, which was commissioned by the IAIS, titled “Proportionality in practice: Disclosure of information”.To download the presentations, please click here and the report will be available on our website soon.

Recent Publications

Report of the 22nd A2ii – IAIS Consultation Call “The Importance of Insurance Regulation in Disaster Resilience" is now available in Spanish

The 22nd Consultation Call, held on 18 May 2017, addressed the topic of the importance of insurance regulation in disaster resilience. This report explored key questions around disaster resilience, such as the scale and nature of disaster risk exposure, specific laws and regulations facilitating resilience and existing good practices from various jurisdictions.

The report is available in English and Spanish. The report in French will be available soon.

Videos of the 10th Consultative Forum on Microinsurance Regulation, Uganda is now available in French

The A2ii, African Insurance Organisation, IAIS, and the Microinsurance Network held its 10th Consultative Forum on “Scaling up agricultural index insurance in Africa: Building disaster resilience of smallholder farmers” on 24 -25 May 2017 in Kampala, Uganda.

The videos of the 10th Consultative Forum are available in English and French, please visit A2ii Youtube’s channel for more videos and please subscribe.

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