A2ii values your input - Is regulation hindering innovation in climate risk transfer for the unserved?


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The Access to Insurance Initiative (A2ii), as the implementation partner of the IAIS, has a mission to strengthen the capacity and understanding of supervisors to facilitate the promotion of inclusive and responsible insurance, thereby reducing vulnerability. 

The A2ii has selected "climate and disaster risk transfer” as the topic of 2019. In that context, the A2ii will be publishing a paper on this topic and will organise three Consultative Forums together with the IAIS, InsurReslience Global Partnership and the Microinsurance Network in Panama, South Africa and Bangladesh to address climate and disaster risk jointly with supervisors and the industry. 

In order to have a better understanding of the industry’s and other key stakeholders perception of the role of supervisors on the topic, we invite stakeholders to complete and submit the survey that is available under this link. Please use the code: 130674

The survey includes only 4 questions and should take a maximum of 5 minutes to complete. 

The survey is anonymous and it is allowed to submit multiple responses. Please submit your answers before 27th March.

We also invite you to visit the A2ii website to save the date for the Consultative Forums, the first one will be in Panama City on 7 May. 


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Hannah Grant, Head of Secretariat

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