Out now: Lessons from a Decade of Microinsurance Regulation

It is slightly over a decade since the first microinsurance regulations were introduced in India in 2005. With at least 18 insurance supervisors having rolled out microinsurance regulations today, the landscape is now vastly different. In this milestone publication 'Proportionate Regulatory Frameworks in Inclusive Insurance: Lessons from a Decade of Microinsurance Regulation', we look back at what supervisory approaches have been undertaken since then, and draw lessons from the past. We also look forward and examine ongoing and emerging market trends and challenges that insurance supervisors find themselves confronted with, particularly with regard to formalisation, mass distribution and digital technology. Finally, we highlight the areas where supervisory capacity-building will be highly important as inclusive insurance markets worldwide continue to innovate and grow.

This booklet draws on the intensive discussions at the A2ii-IAIS-CGAP Expert Symposium organised in Washington D.C. in December 2014, as well as the A2ii’s experiences engaging with supervisors on the ground.

The release of this booklet also coincides with a panel on the same topic hosted by the A2ii at the 12th International Microinsurance Conference in Sri Lanka today.