Toolkit 2: Country Process Guidelines for Microinsurance Market Development

What is microinsurance? Why is it important? How do microinsurance markets typically develop? What are the benefits of a deliberate strategy or process to developmicroinsurance? What steps can be taken to develop the microinsurance market in aparticular country? What are the issues to consider in doing so and what are the possiblerisks involved?

This document will consider these and other questions by drawing on country experience inmicroinsurance development thus far1. It is aimed at any interested party wishing toproactively promote microinsurance development in a specific country. It is intended as apractical tool to guide the reader in unpacking the process of a microinsurance developmentstrategy and the fundamental questions underlying it. It highlights the considerations to takeinto account, steps, stakeholders, issues that may arise and desired outcomes of amicroinsurance development process. Finally, it provides guidance on the core, practicalquestions faced by stakeholders aiming to promote microinsurance market development.Essentially, it groups these questions into three categories – “why”, “what” and “how”.