Toolkit 4: Country-level microinsurance development process - operationalising the action plan

Toolkit IV concentrates on those parts of the process that deal with agreeing on and executing the action plan. Its purpose is to help the reader to grasp what it takes to get to the desired results or end-goal. It also outlines potential activities for doing so, and provides practical tips and lessons to take into account in operationalising the action plan. As source material, it draws on the typical recommendations in diagnostic studies across the thematic areas of demand, supply and policy, regulation and supervision, as well as the cross-country experience to date in rolling out stakeholder activities based on such recommendations. Thus, it is a "living" document that will evolve as new learning comes on board.

The Initiative, through its partnership with the IAIS, places particular emphasis on the role of supervisors. Thus, market interventions such as capacity development support for insurers generally fall outside the direct remit of the Initiative. Nevertheless, they are important activities as part of the "bigger picture" in any country. Just focusing on policy, regulatory and supervisory activities in the action plan risks a scenario where a detailed regulatory and supervisory intervention is pursued, only to find that there is no market response. Hence, this toolkit spans all action plan aspects relating to microinsurance development – demand, supply as well as policy, regulation and supervision.