Country Diagnostics

Country Diagnostics, China | 2014

China Country Diagnostic Report

This report contains the findings of a diagnostic study on the provision of microinsurance to rural workers in China. The study was commissioned by the Access to Insurance Initiative and approved by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) in 2010. The study covers the provision of personal and property (including agriculture) microinsurance to China's 674 m (2010) rural residents. 

Country Diagnostics, Latin America | 2014
Country Diagnostics, Regional, Latin America, Peru |
Country Diagnostics, Regional, Latin America, Colombia |

Colombia Country Diagnostic: "Toward an inclusive universal insurance sector"

With a view to improving the financial inclusion among low-income population in the country, the Colombian government has formulated a Financial Inclusion Strategy and National Plan of Development, which considers insurance as a main component. With this goal in mind, the Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia, Bancoldex - Banca de las Oportunidades, the IADB (Fomin) and A2ii, through their joint project, have supported a microinsurance country diagnostic in Colombia.

Country Diagnostics, Africa, Ethiopia | 2010
Country Diagnostics, Africa, Swaziland | 2012
Country Diagnostics, Africa, Tanzania |

Tanzania Country Diagnostic: "Access to Insurance Diagnostic. Headline findings summary and way forward."

This is Document 1 in a series of 8 documents that together comprise the findings of the Tanzania Access to Insurance Diagnostic. The series consists of one headline findings summary document and seven input documents, each focusing on a specific thematic area, that build up the evidence base to the headline findings.

Document 1 summarises the main findings of the diagnostic study across the other documents, then concludes on market potential and opportunities, the challenges to be overcome and the strategic imperatives to unlock such potential.

Country Diagnostics, Africa, South Africa | 2008
Country Diagnostics, Africa, Uganda | 2008
Country Diagnostics, Asia and Pacific, India | 2008