Inclusive Insurance in National Financial Inclusion Strategies Survey Report

This report summarizes the status quo and lessons learnt on inclusive insurance in National Financial Inclusion Strategies (NFIS), based on a survey as well as four country case studies. For more than a decade, international guidance has been promoting the integration of insurance alongside other financial services. As such, inclusive insurance has increasingly gained importance with a growing number of policies and an increasing variety of products being offered. However, the topic of insurance has only recently become an integral part of NFIS or other financial sector strategies (FSS), therefore being considered in a comprehensive way in strategies at the national level. In order to take stock of this situation, to generate ideas for a way forward and encourage regulators and policymakers to effectively integrate insurance into their NFIS, a joint survey was conducted by the Access to Insurance Initiative and the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI). The survey was conducted amongst central banks, ministries of finance, insurance supervisors as well as other financial regulators involved in the development of NFIS. In addition, four country case studies were conducted to collect more detailed insights. 

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For the Policy Note 'Inclusive Insurance - A missing piece in many National Financial Inclusion Strategies' follow this link.