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Third Inclusive Insurance Innovation Lab (2021-2022)


The Access to Insurance Initiative (A2ii), supported by InsuResilience Global Partnership and Reos Partners, launched the call for applications for the third Inclusive Insurance Innovation Lab - the climate lab - in April 2021. This is the first lab with a topical focus. Relevant stakeholders from the (inclusive) insurance sector will engage in dialogue and mutual learning and develop innovative solutions to tackle one of the greatest global threats of our time - climate change.

The key question

How can we help to increase resilience of the most vulnerable segments in our society against the impacts of climate change through innovative insurance solutions? 

Climate and insurance

Insurance, as part of an integrated disaster risk management framework, can strengthen the resilience of governments, businesses and individuals against the impact of natural disasters and protect natural and heritage ecosystems from adverse effects of climate change. Yet, in most developing and emerging economies, insurance penetration rates are low and vast segments of the low-income population as well as micro and small businesses remain excluded from financial protection from natural and climate risks. 

The current Covid-19 pandemic has magnified existing vulnerabilities. How can we ensure that the measures that will be implemented to build back better will also increase resilience against future catastrophes, especially natural catastrophes and climate risks? The iii-lab country teams will work together during the dynamic lab process to address this challenge.

The lab

The iii-lab is an international capacity-building programme - three or four country teams will work on innovative insurance solutions to tackle the impact of climate change, especially on the most vulnerable segments of the population.

The iii-lab is a unique opportunity to foster change in insurance markets by:

  • Enabling dialogue and mutual learning amongst key stakeholders of the inclusive insurance sector
  • Equipping participants to take leadership within their sector and/or organisation
  • Inspiring participants to take action and supporting initial implementation


The philosophy of the lab is that no one in the room understands all facets of an issue nor has the perfect solution to existing challenges. This means that everybody needs to work together, and, with the appropriate time and tools, the participants can find the answers together. As change in the selected jurisdictions is a major goal of the Inclusive Insurance Innovation Lab, a strong emphasis will lie on national processes and support to each country team. However, country ownership and initiative is key to making the most of the process.


  • Start a dialogue, build networks
  • Analyse country systems
  • Benefit from peer knowledge exchange and cooperation
  • Supported by experienced change facilitators
  • Prototype innovative solutions
  • Disrupt your insurance market

Supervisors will have the opportunity to learn about emerging international climate risk insurance solutions from international experts. Peer-exchange with other country teams is another key benefit of involvement. In addition, the iii-lab gives supervisors the opportunity for personal development and strengthened leadership skills. Throughout the change process, supervisors will be accompanied by a highly experienced change facilitator to equip participants to take leadership within their organisation.


Previous iii-labs

The second iii-lab is on-going with Argentina, India, Morocco, Rwanda.

The first iii-lab took place from 2017-2018 with Albania, Ghana, Kenya and Mongolia.

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Latest Updates

31 Juillet 2021

Four countries selected

Congratulations to all four selected country-teams from: Costa Rica, Grenada, Zambia and Zimbabwe!

 The four multistakeholder country teams are embarking on a one-year journey to develop innovative solutions to increase resilience of the most vulnerable segments in their societies against the impacts of climate change.

We are happy to partner again with Reos Partners, who will be facilitating the process, and particularly excited to have InsuResilience Global Partnership as our knowledge partner.

See the announcement on LinkedIn.

18 Juin 2021

Applications are due