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Inclusive Insurance Innovation Lab


The iii-lab 2020 - 2021 participating countries: Argentina, India, Morocco, Rwanda

What is the iii-lab?

The Inclusive Insurance Innovation Lab (iii-lab) is an international capacity-building programme where 4 countries' teams work on innovative solutions to advance the development of their insurance market.

The iii-lab is a unique opportunity for participants to foster change in their markets by:

  • Enabling dialogue and mutual learning amongst key stakeholders of the inclusive insurance sector
  • Equipping participants to take leadership within their sector and/or organisation
  • Inspiring participants to take action and supporting initial implementation

In addition, participants dedicate time in between events to maintain a dialogue within the country team and implement the innovations in their markets that teams will develop as part of the process.


The philosophy of the lab is that no one in the room understands all facets of an issue nor has the perfect solution to existing challenges. This means that everybody needs to work together, and, with the appropriate time and tools, the participants can find the answers together. As change in the selected jurisdictions is a major goal of the Inclusive Insurance Innovation Lab, a strong emphasis will lie on national processes and support to each country team. However, country ownership and initiative is key to making the most of the process.


  • Start a dialogue, build networks
  • Analyse country systems
  • Benefit from peer knowledge exchange and cooperation
  • Supported by experienced change facilitators
  • Prototype innovative solutions
  • Disrupt your insurance market


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The first iii-lab took place over 2017-2018 where Albania, Ghana, Kenya and Mongolia took part. The final report for the 1st lab can be found here.

The Inclusive Insurance Innovation Lab would not have been possible without the support of the Dutch Directorate-General for International Cooperation (DGIS). 

Current iii-lab 2020-2021

The Inclusive Insurance Innovation Lab is an 18-month process with approximately 60 inclusive insurance leaders from four countries across the world: Argentina, India, Morocco and Rwanda. The process takes place between the end of January 2020 and end of June 2021. It will promote dialogue and mutual learning amongst key stakeholders in the inclusive insurance sector, inspire participants to take action, and help them to take leadership within their sectors and organisations.

The key question of the lab is: How can we develop our insurance markets?

Covid-19 Update

National and International Workshops continue to be held virtually supplemented by topical webinars, global meetings and coaching clinics.


Latest Updates

26 May 2020

Argentina completes first national workshop | Online learning journeys continue for all teams

As the program content of the iii-lab had to be moved online, the A2ii team decided to split a 2-day workshop program into 6 online sessions of 2.5 hours. The Argentina team has now completed this workshop.

During the online sessions, the multi-stakeholder team representing the inclusive insurance space in Argentina has analysed their insurance market, identified challenges to women’s access to insurance and what vision they strive toward as a team. The Argentina team will now look into learning more about the needs of women in the informal economy through learning journeys in the next months, so that they can create tangible solutions that benefit women in Argentina during the course of the iii-lab program. 

© Virginia Lingiardi, a member of the Argentina team who drew a storyboard showing how needs of potential customers need to be observed and not asked. 

The other teams are well on track as well: the Rwanda team is planning to complete its workshop sessions in June. The teams in Morocco and India have completed the first workshop in early March and are now working on their respective learning journeys – definitely a challenge in Covid-19 times, but one that the teams are ready to take on and find creative solutions to! Finally, the first global call for all country teams is taking place in mid-June. 

01 April 2020

National Workshops for Argentina and Rwanda | Virtual Meetings begin to take place

Argentina and Rwanda hold national workshops, as workshops and meetings are temporarily moved to virtual formats.



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04 March 2020

National Workshops for India and Morocco

On 4-5 March 2020, the first iii-lab national workshops were held in Hyderabad, India and Rabat, Morocco.


Read our newsletter report.

See the list of events.