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What is the FeMa-Meter?

The FeMa-Meter is an MS Excel-based toolkit for collecting and reviewing gender-disaggregated data that compares differences between men and women on various indicators.

It is an accessible toolkit that already integrates the most common indicators, measured in two categories: 

  1. access to and use of insurance
  2. organizational diversity


The FeMa-Meter can be easily filled out in less than 30 minutes, after which it provides an immediate output of simple calculations.

Read the blog Why data matters: presenting A2ii’s FeMa Meter, a tool for collecting sex-disaggregated data, that was published as part of the tool's launch.

Who should use the FeMa-Meter?

The FeMa-Meter is designed to address women’s access to insurance and organizational diversity; therefore, it targets two different groups of users:

  • Regulators and policy makers
  • Insurance companies

It identifies disparities between men and women by analyzing various organizational and portfolio indicators by gender (female, male, other, unknown), thus helping to identify gender trends and enabling targeted strategies to close the gap in insurance access and coverage.


Download the factsheet here:


Insurance supervisors: access the tutorial on how to use the FeMa meter and other resources on the Connect.A2ii platform.

Other stakeholders: access a public version of the tutorial here.


Download the FeMa-Meter files here:




The toolkit was evaluated in 2023 in collaboration with insurance regulators and industry representatives in selected jurisdictions and has proven to be an effective tool for sex-disaggregated data collection and an important starting point for a more gender-sensitive approach.

It was developed with support from the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) as part of the 2021-2022 project 'Empowering supervisors to improve women's access to insurance'.

For more on our work on gender, see our SDG 5 page.

For any questions, comments, or requests, please email gender [at]

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