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In November of 2009, a group of members of the IAIS-MIN Joint Working Group (body established by the IAIS and the CGAP Working Group on Microinsurance and its Regulation, Supervision and Policy Subgroup) formally established the A2ii. The JWG was active since 2006 in order to exchange knowledge on regulation and supervision in microinsurance market development and put the seeds to formally establish A2ii. The founding partners of A2ii were the IAIS, BMZ, CGAP, the ILO and FinMark Trust; also known as the A2ii Charter sponsors.


Use the right and left arrows to scroll through our Historical Timeline below and hear from some of the key figures in A2ii's development. The Timeline opens with the video filmed during our 10-year anniversary conference on 2 and 3 September 2019 and moves into the key highlights of Access to Insurance Initiative from 2009 to this day. 


The year 2019 marks 10 years of Access to Insurance Initiative. To celebrate its anniversary, and the key milestones, the A2ii has been running its #A2ii10 campaign throughout 2019. On 2 and 3 September, the A2ii 10-Year Anniversary Conference took place; it was an opportunity to reflect on what the regulatory community has achieved in the realm of inclusive insurance over the past years and what are some important considerations moving forward.

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Watch the entire conference on our Youtube channel.

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In conjunction with this, the A2ii has released 'A2ii: 10 Years On', a publication that asks a few timely questions: What are the forces of change that have shaped inclusive insurance in the past ten years? What have been the implications for inclusive insurance and regulations? What have inclusive insurance regulations achieved, and what next?










By 2013, the A2ii had implemented or supported 20 country diagnostics. This provided the A2ii with a strong knowledge base and a growing awareness of different approaches supervisors could take to support greater financial inclusion. In 2013, the A2ii undergoes an extensive strategy review which sees the Initiative move closer to the IAIS as its implementation partner on financial inclusion. The new strategy shifts A2ii’s activities from knowledge gathering and dissemination towards greater regional, on the ground, supervisory capacity building. In practice, the focus is on supporting regional events and peer-to-peer exchange. 



The first A2ii-IAIS Consultation Call took place in 2014. With developments of new lessons in the industry, by 2014 supervisors became increasingly eager to learn from each other about the latest developments in other jurisdictions. To cater to these needs, the A2ii and the IAIS launched the Consultation Call format: a series of conference calls where current regulatory and supervisory developments and trends on access to insurance are discussed. The presentations from the calls and a report that summarises discussions are published in three languages and have become a key tool for knowledge dissemination.



The predecessor of today’s Consultative Forum was Policy Seminar. The first Consultative Forum was on the topic of “Business models, distribution and their regulatory implications”. It took place in Jakarta on 13 November 2013. The event was organised alongside the Annual Microinsurance Network – Munich Re FoundationConference on Distribution. For the first time, we had a platform for exchange amongst the industry and supervisors to advocate for the development of microinsurance – enabling regulatory environment across various jurisdictions.



Financial inclusion was the first development topic integrated into the G20 multi-year action plan on development. In 2010, through its partnership with the IAIS and supported by the IAIS-MiN Joint Working Group on Microinsurance (JWG), the A2ii introduced the topic of microinsurance into the financial inclusion action plan of the G20 Global Partnership on Financial Inclusion and the Financial Stability Board.