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Welcome to the conduct pillar! On this page you will find:

  • A list of conduct indicators, their formulas, and a reference to additional notes. The KPIs are compiled based on current usage by insurance supervisors worldwide. These ratios have been found to be relevant to measuring conduct risk and customer outcomes, and were refined using insights from off-site analysis frameworks from several supervisors in SSA and through input from the Steering Group. Compared to the prudential KPI list however, this is not a prioritised list, as global supervisory usage of conduct indicators is still evolving.
  • The accompanying Market Conduct KPI Handbook, which covers: a framework for assessing the conduct risk of insurers (ICP 19, the customer journey and customer outcomes), an approach to gathering data, selection and analysis of KPIs, a list and explanation of each KPI, how to compile findings, links to interventions, and implementation considerations. It also sets out special considerations for microinsurance business.

The material is designed to be useful for new or junior supervisors who need a basic introduction, while also serving as a refresher for senior and mid-management supervisors. It is also suitable for supervisors involved in enhancing their conduct data reporting systems.

Click on the grey bars below to filter the table according to the respective area of investigation (Industrywide/big picture analysis, pricing & cost structure, cancellations, lapses etc., claims, fraud, consumer complaints and disputes, other qualitative information), indicator name or formula. You can also print out the list by clicking on the three dots to the right of the grey bars and selecting ‘print‘.