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Welcome to the sustainable development pillar! On this page you will find:

  • A comprehensive list of indicators mapping insurance to 9 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), product examples and reference notes. The KPIs are grouped by SDG and sub-grouped by 3 categories:
    • Impact story indicators illustrate the impact of insurance on the SDG. These can support engagement with policymakers and other stakeholders or help identify evidence gaps.
    • Product KPIs measure to what extent the insurance sector is contributing to SDGs via insurance products and services. Supervisors can use these to measure the state of play, generate ideas and set aspirations with the industry.
    • Corporate Citizen KPIs measure to what extent the insurance sector is contributing beyond product provision and underwriting i.e. as an investor, employer, economic agent, risk expert, convener, and a business overall.
  • The accompanying Sustainable Development KPI Handbook, which covers guidance on identifying which SDGs matter, selecting and tracking fit-for-purpose KPIs, case studies on analysing the KPIs focusing on SDGs 1, 5 and 13, and finally, how to act on the insights.

The material is designed to be useful for supervisors who wish to track or drive the progress of sustainable development initiatives in their insurance markets, supervisors who are collaborating with policymakers on thematic development issues, as well as supervisors who wish to advocate to policymakers on the importance of insurance for national development goals.

Click on the grey bars below to filter the table according to the SDG and indicator category. You can also print out the list by clicking on the three dots to the right of the grey bars and selecting ‘print‘.