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Reports, Regulatory Impact Assessment, Latin America & the Caribbean | 2024

Assessing the impact of inclusive insurance regulations in Brazil

Author: Regina Simões “Microinsurance regulations” or “inclusive insurance regulations” have been in place in many countries for some time now, but what evidence is there of their effectiveness? Over
Reports, Gender, Global, Latin America & the Caribbean | 2023

A2ii and SSN publish joint report on the Gender Equity Survey of the Argentinian Insurance Market

Versión en español a continuación Globally, only 13% of countries [1] allocate budget funding to gender statistics. However, this information is vital for drafting evidence-based policies that pursue
Reports, Inclusive Insurance Innovation Lab, Global | 2023

Second Inclusive Insurance Innovation Lab 2020-2021 Final Report

The second Inclusive Insurance Innovation Lab (iii-lab) took place from March 2020 to November 2021, bringing together a broad range of stakeholders of the inclusive insurance sector from four
Reports, Pandemic Risk, Latin America & the Caribbean | 2023

Closing the protection gap – pandemic risks - Session Report from the ASSAL-IAIS Regional Training Seminar

Author: Regina Simões The ASSAL-IAIS Regional Training Seminar for Insurance Supervisors on “Challenges of Insurance Systems in Latin America”, was co-organised by the Latin American Association of
Reports, Gender, Global | 2022

Case Study: Innovating for inclusive insurance targeting women customers - involving insurance supervisors in the process

To be able to provide well-designed insurance solutions that address the needs of low-income and excluded customers in a manner that is customer-friendly but also economically sustainable, calls for