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Market Conduct and Consumer Protection

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Presentations, Reports, Disclosure of Information, Global | 2017

Proportionate approaches to disclosure of information Consultation Call Report

O n this call, we examined the practical aspects of proportional disclosure regulation, which can encourage the industry to offer inclusive insurance while ensuring consumer protection. This call also
Reports, Disclosure of Information, Latin America & the Caribbean, MENA | 2017

Proportionality in practice: disclosure of information

The report “Proportionality in practice: disclosure of information” draws on the experiences of Brazil, Pakistan, Peru and El Salvador and examines the practical aspects of the disclosure in which
Presentations, Reports, Supervision of Intermediaries, Global | 2016

Proportionate Approaches to the Supervision of Intermediaries Consultation Call Report

On the topic: Innovative approaches to distribution are important to achieve scale and serve low-income groups that traditionally have not had access to insurance. Large client aggregators such as
Reports, Supervision of Intermediaries, Market Conduct and Consumer Protection, Latin America & the Caribbean | 2016

Challenges and Opportunities Presented by Alternative Distribution Channels - 8th Consultative Forum

New distribution avenues challenge supervisory practices. Distribution is key to providing suitable insurance coverage to low-income and excluded populations. As insurers are faced with low profit