Our Mission

As implementation partner of the IAIS, the A2ii’s mission is to strengthen the capacity and understanding of supervisors to facilitate the promotion of inclusive and responsible insurance, thereby reducing vulnerability.

Our Vision

The A2ii has the vision that more poor and vulnerable people have access to, and use of, affordable insurance appropriate for their needs.

Our Story

The Initiative was created in response to demand for learning, lessons and guidance on access to insurance from insurance policymakers, regulators and supervisors. The Microinsurance Network, the IAIS and their Joint Working Group were instrumental in the creation of the Initiative. The Joint Working Group was first complemented and later replaced by a permanent committee dedicated to Financial Inclusion within the IAIS committee structure, namely the Financial Inclusion Working Group.


Why Insurance Regulation matters

The A2ii supports supervisors and regulators to create a robust regulatory and supervisory framework, which:

IAIS Partnership

The Initiative is a unique partnership between international development agencies, donors, and the global standard setting body for insurance regulation and supervision – the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) – that triggers reforms in regulation and supervision to support the development of inclusive insurance markets and to protect policyholders.


Our Governance

The Initiative is governed by the Governing Council, the highest decision-making body and the Executive Committee, which monitors and guides the activities of A2ii.



A secretariat of about 10 dedicated staff members handles the day to day management of the Initiative.


Partners & Funders

The Initiative was created through a partnership between IAIS and other development agencies. Other partners provide core funding and support for A2ii’s activities.



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