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We are a unique global partnership working to ensure that the world's excluded and underserved have access to insurance, allowing them to take control of their lives and reduce their vulnerability against risks. We do this by supporting insurance supervisors and regulators to create the conditions necessary for an inclusive insurance market to grow. 

The Initiative was created in 2009 to respond to requests from policymakers, regulators and supervisors for learning and advice on access to insurance. The A2ii was established by the following organisations: the IAIS, BMZ, CGAP, the International Labour Organization, represented by the International Labour Office (ILO) subsequently renamed the Impact Insurance Facility and FinMark Trust. The Microinsurance Network, the IAIS and the Joint Working Group (JWG) played a key role in the creation of the Initiative. 

We are the 'implementation arm' of the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) on Inclusive Insurance. The IAIS is the international standard setter of the insurance sector and represents insurance regulators and supervisors of more than 200 jurisdictions constituting 97% of the world’s insurance premiums. IAIS is embedded in our governance structure and operations. We generate and disseminate knowledge, build capacity, contribute to IAIS standard-setting, we foster learning and dialogue, support implementation at the regional and national levels, and participate in global advocacy processes.





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Microinsurance, as defined in the 2007 IAIS Issues Paper on the Regulation and Supervision of Microinsurance, is insurance that is accessed by the low-income population, provided by a variety of different entities and run in accordance with generally accepted insurance practices. This means that the risk insured under a microinsurance policy is managed based on insurance principles and funded by premiums. Microinsurance covers a broad variety of products, for example, life insurance, funeral cover, health, invalidity, livestock, crop and asset insurance.



Inclusive insurance is a broader term denoting all insurance products aimed at the excluded or underserved market; rather than just those aimed at the poor or a narrow conception of the low-income market. This definition can be found in the IAIS Conduct of Business in Inclusive Insurance Issues Paper published in 2015.





Good supervision and regulation are essential for consumers to benefit from their insurance, sustainable growth and stable insurance markets. A2ii, as the implementing partner of the IAIS, is working to strengthen supervisory capacity and to encourage insurance supervisors to make their markets more inclusive so that they have the appropriate insurance in place for the poor. A2ii assists regulators and insurance supervisors to create a strong regulatory and supervisory framework that: