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Presentations, Reports, Business Models, Global | 2015

Actuarial Approaches to Inclusive Insurance Consultation Call Report

On the topic: Actuarial capacity is a challenge in most inclusive insurance markets. It is for this reason that the IAIS in close collaboration with the International Actuarial Association (IAA) will be developing a paper on "approaches to actuarial services in inclusive insurance markets". The paper will aim at providing general guidance on requirements and specific approaches for proportionate actuarial services in inclusive insurance markets that is applicable across jurisdictions. To inform the drafting group of this paper the IAIS considers it important to obtain a broad perspective of the issues its members are confronted with respect to actuarial services. Therefore, this consultation call is aimed at generating input for the forthcoming IAIS paper, as well as providing supervisors with an opportunity to share their experiences on this topic.
The call will commence with a short technical expert presentation, following which supervisors will be given the opportunity to share challenges they face in supervising actuarial standards in inclusive insurance as well as proportionate approaches that have been adopted.