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Index-based Insurance - Public Dialogue

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On the 25 March 2021, the A2ii and IAIS shared the outcomes of the research on a public dialogue on index-based insurance. This dialogue was open to all stakeholders. It is also in line with A2ii’s 2021 theme of the year - the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

At 10:00 CET, it was held in English (with simultaneous French interpretation). Participants heard from industry experts as well as supervisory authorities who shared their experiences. Regina Simões presented her findings of the survey (download the report here) and IRA Uganda and Asuransi Central Asia, Indonesia also took part.

View the recording of the 10:00 am English session.

At 16:00 CET, it was held in Spanish (with simultaneous English interpretation). Regina Simões again presented her findings of the survey and we heard from the Costa Rican supervisor on their experiences with Index Insurance, as well as MiCro (Microinsurance Catastrophe Risk Organisation).

View the 16:00 recording in the original Spanish.

View the 16:00 recording with the English interpretation.


Public Dialogue announcement:

The use of index insurance as an alternative to traditional indemnity-based insurance has increased over the last years, particularly as a mechanism for insuring extreme weather risks. Index insurance – also known as parametric insurance – has been evolving. Today, it reaches a wide range of customers, at the micro, meso and macro levels, ranging from the most vulnerable segments of the population to the most sophisticated and complex sectors.

To take stock of recent developments, the A2ii conducted a survey with supervisors and other stakeholders on the current state of index insurance. Download the report here.

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Thursday, 25. March 2021 10:00 AM
to Thursday, 25. March 2021 4:00 PM
1 day
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