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Janina Voss

Janina is leading the A2ii’s work on actuarial capacity building for supervisors and as well as the Initiative’s Capacity Building Strategy. Before joining the A2ii in 2015, Janina worked as Financial Systems Development Advisor at GIZ for five years with a focus on developing and monitoring technical assistant projects in the field of insurance. Janina is a political scientist and economist by training.

Blog Posts from Janina Voss

09.11.2020 | Carolyn Barsulai, Janina Voss | Asia, Caribbean, Risk based capital, Sub-Saharan Africa, Supervisory Dialogue

Landscape of risk-based capital regimes in emerging markets

Around the world, countries are transitioning their insurance markets to more risk-based capital (RBC) regimes to ensure that insurers have sound financial positions and hold adequate levels of capital. This, in turn, enables the insurance sector to withstand shocks, continue to operate and pay policyholders’ claims. The Global Financial Crisis taught us this lesson; the Covid-19 pandemic is a harsh reminder.